This mlm leads article describes when is the best time to contact your mlm leads.

A question that I get several times a week, every week is..

“When should I contact my leads?”

I always tell people that the best time to contact your leads is when you have time to contact your leads.

I recommend that you have set business hours daily when you can carve out a few calls for your prospecting.

That said, there are days in the week that we’ve found to be better suited to reaching people on the phone.

When we dial your leads for you using our Call Center Dial Service, we dial Monday thru Thursday evening. We dial between 6 pm and 9 PM in any time zone. We figure 6 PM allows a person to get home from the day to receive our call. While 9 PM is the latest you can legally dial someone for marketing purposes.

While some dial on Friday, we don’t. We figure that most people are more focused on the upcoming weekend than they are about business.

Saturday can work for you but I find it a bit hit and miss. It seems there’s a late afternoon window that makes for pretty good connect rates when contacting prospects.

I never dialed on Sunday. Nor would I want to be bothered by a Sunday prospecting call if I were a prospect.

In summary, the best time to dial a lead is when you have time to dial a lead. Monday thru Thursday evenings work well for connecting as do an occasional Saturday afternoon.

So whether you’re dialing leads you generated using MyAutoPilot Traffic or leads you purchased, use this guide for connecting with prospects. I think you’ll find these days and times provide you a higher connect rate than you might experience otherwise.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,

Enrique Garibay

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