Just a quick marketing tip to tell you how a vendor lost a $2k order and how you can avoid the same thing happening in your mlm or network marketing business.

Lately I’ve been working on a side project that has taken months of planning. In order to get this project to fruition, I’m going to need a specialist that can take me “the last mile” so to speak.

Specialized knowledge can be expensive. I fully expect to pay a vendor like this $2k or more for their expertise.

So how did this vendor lose out on my $2k sale?

The vendor didn’t want to answer the phone!

Not only did he decline to answer my call, but he sent me a text message while I was still on the phone trying to reach him. His text message read something like:

“Send me an email at xxxxx.”

Based on that text reply, I realized that he was not interested in talking to me, nor earning my business.

Friend, it is important to keep in mind that people like to do business with people when they spend their hard earned money. I remind myself of that everyday. It is for that reason that I personally answer most phone calls into our office daily. And if you happen to receive voicemail, you’ll know that I will call you back as quickly as I can which is usually within a few minutes.

As you go about building your business on a daily basis, keep this tip in mind. People don’t yet know you. As such, they’re less likely to join your business until they finally get to know you.

Give prospects as many communication channels as possible in your mlm marketing. Give them your email, your phone number, your text number, your Skype ID, your Facebook profile.. your Snapchat, etc. Give prospects multiple opportunities to communicate with you so that they can get to know you, trust you and do business with you.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,