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we call your mlm leads for you

Don't waste valuable time and countless hours on the phone pre-qualifying your lead list. Let us call your mlm leads for you. That way you only spend that time with the serious prospect that want to know more about your network marketing business opportunity.

Our professional callers will call your mlm leads. They'll screen and pre-qualify them using your custom phone script. Don't have a phone script? No problem. We'll send you a phone script template once you place an order. Use it to create your own phone script.

Our callers are highly trained professionals that I've personally trained and coached to call your leads. Each speaks very clear english and can quickly and efficiently sort your leads for you so you don't have to.

Now instead of dialing 100s of leads yourself, just dial the few dozen that want to learn more about your home business.

How It Works:  

Send your leads list, or purchase "Fresh, Hot Off The Press Leads" from us.

Purchase a block of Call Center Dial Time using the form below.

We'll send you a custom phone script template to complete.

Send us your completed custom phone script.

Our highly trained professionals will pre-qualify your leads.

Receive the "YES" prospects real-time via email.

No big up-front fees or contracts

How Much Call Center Time Do You Need?
We recommend dialing thru a list 5 times to get the full use of the list. Approximate call center dial times listed below may vary based upon phone scripts and leads used.

100 Leads | 1 Dial thru List | 5 HRS Dial Time
100 Leads | 3-5 Dials thru List | 11 HRS Dial Time
200 Leads | 1 Dials thru List | 10 HRS Dial Time
200 Leads | 3-5 Dials thru List | 22 HRS Dial Time

A $25 one-time phone script setup fee purchase is required.

Purchase as much call time as you wish, however a 7 hour minimum is required to run a Call Campaign.

Once you have placed your order using the form below, we'll send you a phone script template via email. Use that to create your phone script, then return to us vial email reply.

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Quantity #Leads Price Amount
Phone Script Writing Service (Optional)$125.00$0.00
$25 One-Time Phone Script Setup Fee - Required$25.00$0.00
One Call Hour (7 Hour Minimum - Required)$12.00$0.00

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Order Total: $0.00

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