In this video, we discuss MyAutoPilot Web Traffic and mlm lead generation. We answer the question:

How long should you continue to send drip emails to your mlm leads optins?

Most mlm lead capture pages are configured to collect an mlm lead, then to redirect that lead (mlm prospect) to your business presentation automatically. At the same time, that prospect is subscribed to an email autoresponder series of emails or “drip email campaign”. So this video covers the most commonly asked question: “how long should I drip on my leads?”

The video also covers how to easily generate new drip email messages without all the work.

Having an extended drip email campaign can have its drawbacks and costs. The video covers this topic also.

As you run your drip email campaign, you may find that a long extended drip email campaign isn’t worth it.

For me personally, I find that most of my sales come within the first visit to my sales funnel. So it really pays to work with web traffic that converts – like MyAutoPilot TrafficClick here to learn more.