This article describes mlm leads, mlm web traffic, MyAutoPilot Web Traffic and Facebook banning crypto ads on their platform.

First it was Google. They started a few years ago.

Direct sellers like you and me were using Google Pay Per Click ads to advertise for new distributors.

A lot of people spent good money with Google. Nonetheless, Google banned bizop ads from their platform. They especially banned ads that directed traffic to a replicated lead capture page.

And now it seems Facebook is banning ads.

Just last week, Facebook announced a ban on Bitcoin and ICO ads from their platform.

In a Jan. 30 blog post, Rob Leathern, Facebook’s product management director wrote that the new policy targets..

“ads that promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices, such as binary options, initial coin offerings and cry’ptocurrency.”

So knowing that Google and Facebook are both banning ads, the question that comes to most everyone’s mind is..


Google has been pretty forthright in saying that the person that matters the most to them is the person searching on their platform. So once Google started receiving complaints on bizop ads, they began banning those ads.

The advertiser has always been of secondary importance to Google.

Now it seems that Facebook is saying the same as they begin banning Crypto-related ads.

Right now you may be saying to yourself:

“I’m not in crypto. So why are you telling me this?”

I’m telling you this so that you know that will never ban your advertising. Your advertising matters most to us. Your advertising is our specialty!

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