You’ve heard the old saying: “It’s not always about you.” Well that’s especially true when it comes to prospecting.

There are far too many distributors that spend their time talking about their company, products or services when they should be asking their prospects questions.

What sort of questions should they ask?

They should be asking about their dreams. What is the prospect trying to accomplish? Why is the prospect trying to accomplish that dream?

Don’t get me wrong. You certainly need a business with good products and services. But those are of secondary importance to your prospect. What really matters to them are their dreams. Their “why”.

I believe that if you can show your prospect how your business can help them achieve their dreams, they’ll be more likely to join your business.

Once you have uncovered their “why”, you can show your prospect how your business can fit into their life to help them achieve their “why”.

So as you follow-up with prospects, get them to talk about their dreams.

When it comes to building your business from home, are you living your dream?

Are you finally able to build a business without bugging friends and family or going to meetings?

Do you have a system that does all the sifting and sorting.. all the selling and telling for you, so you don’t have to?

Do you have a steady stream of qualified prospects going into that sales system, that in turn get directed to your business presentation automatically?

If you need help with your online marketing and prospecting, let us know. We can provide you with a lead capture page system and premium bizop web traffic directed to your lead capture page.

We’re here to help.

Thanks for reading.

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