This describes mlm lead generation and prospecting for your network marketing business during the month of December.

The next 30 days are very critical for your business.

What you do in the next 30 days will decide whether 2017 will be a success.. or simply a bust.

Let’s face it, people are always looking for ways to make m’oney from home – even during the holidays.

However it’s typically after the holidays that prospects make their decision to join. So if you’ve been prospecting during December, prospects will have an opportunity to join your business. If haven’t been prospecting in December, count on prospects joining someone else’s business; not yours.

Prospecting happens in cycles. I’ve seen this cycle repeat itself over and over the past 25 years.

Last December, we had a large group buy a ton of MyAutoPilot Traffic. They added 100s of new distributors to their business after the winter holiday season. Once those new distributors worked thru their warm market, they too began buying MyAutoPilot Traffic. When they did, the company experienced a 2nd growth spurt. Distributor checks increased by $100s and $1,000s a month as a result.

Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy having time away during the holidays just like you. But I also like having the extra income year round that December prospecting can provide. So when it comes to December prospecting, it’s important to have a system working for you when you’re not around.

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Enrique Garibay – Helping distributors realize their dreams since 2003