How would you like to create a business presentation that automatically closed your prospects into your business for you?

Imagine if you had a really great presentation, do you think you could signup more distributors in less time into your business?

5 answers to a better mlm traffic presentationAnd what if your team could use the same presentation as you? Imagine having prospects see this presentation automatically before you ever contact them.

Wouldn’t that be ideal?

In today’s newsletter, I describe the top 5 trigger questions that your prospect needs answered before they decide to join your business.

The sooner you answer these questions for prospects, the sooner you are making the big bucks.

The tips I am about to show you came from my good friend Tom “Big Al” Schreiter in his Closing Report. They are presented in the order in which prospects want to know.

What MLM Web Traffic Prospects Want to Know

#1. Who are you?

People like to do business with other people that they know, like and trust. So let prospects get to know who you are.

#2. Can I trust and believe you?

This point is the most critical point in the presentation. If you nail it, you’re half way to the sale. If you blow it, then the presentation is over before it started.

You only have a few seconds here to make sure you’re presenting yourself as someone that can be trusted, believable and relatable.

#3. Are you interesting?

Prospects are only going to give you a few seconds of focus for you to pick their interest. If you don’t, they are out of there. Grab their attention now.

#4. Do I want to, or not?

Science tells us that prospects make their decision within the first few seconds. That’s good for us. So all we need to do it keep our presentation tight and to the point and we will have them on our side during the entire presentation.

Knowing that prospects decide on your presentation within 15-20 seconds, is there really any need for 20 and 30 minute presentations? I don’t think so.

#5. Can you give me more information?

When done correctly, we have answered our prospect’s first four questions within the first 15 seconds. And we haven’t even made the presentation yet.

Now the prospect is sold on learning more about your business. They want the business presentation. How much information they need depends entirely on them.

If they are not interested at this point, send them on their way. No need to waste your time or theirs.

If they are interested, let them have all the information they need to make an informed decision.

Then ask for the order.

Keep in mind that there are all sorts of ways to advertise and find those people online. Some ways take time and some take money.

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Thanks for reading.

To your success,