I interviewed Mike Boggs recently during a [tag-tec]MLMLeads.com[/tag-tec] Live [tag-teg]Prospecting[/tag-tec] Call. In that interview, I asked Mike what it takes in [tag[tec]]MLM[/tag-tec] Lead [tag-tec]prospecting[/tag-tec] activity to actually signup people up into business. The following video/audio is Part 5 of that interview.I hope you enjoy it.Enrique

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Folks, when you start to think of your [tag-tec]prospecting[/tag-tec] in those terms… 65 contacts to generate 13 good follow-up appointments to generate 2 to 4 [tag-tec]distributor[/tag[tec] signups… you think about your prospecting in those terms, you’re not so attached to the outcome. You know its simply the numbers that you have to go thru to get to the 2 to 4 new signups.

How fast do you want to get thru the 65 contacts that will generate 2 to 4 distributor signups?

You can take a day to get thru 65 contacts… you can take a week… you can take a month or a year. It’s up to you on how fast you want to get those signups.

Or you can condense time by going thru the 65 people faster.

It’s whatever you want to do.

So tonight we’re going to be dialing [tag-tec]Real-Time[/tag-tec] [tag-tec]Pre-Screened[/tag-tec] [tag-tec]leads[/tag-tec]. Mike knows he needs 65 contacts to generate those signups. Mike knows that some of the people he talks to tonight will be nice. Others won’t. It won’t matter to Mike because he knows what to expect and the numbers he needs to get the signups.

So let’s get to dialing!


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“Enrique.. Last night you did a prospecting training call with Paul Barrios of MonaVie which I found to be AWESOME. In my short career in Network Marketing I have had the opportunity to listen to other calls that I thought were good but the call you hosted last night put all the other similar calls to shame.

“You have turned me into a true believer of leads but more specifically your technique in gathering the right information from the prospect and your ability to train of how to deal with each lead’s special personality is what I think made the call last night so AWESOME… I look forward to calling my prospects immediately…”
Hugh Brown , Monavie Distributor

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