I interviewed Mike Boggs recently during a [tag-tec]MLMLeads.com[/tag-tec] Live [tag-tec]Prospecting[/tag-tec] Call. I asked Mike what it takes to actually signup people up into his [tag-tec]MLM[/tag-tec] business. The following [tag-tec]video/audio[/tag-tec] is Part 4 of that interview.I hope you enjoy it.


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Great. Tonight we’re going to be dialing [tag-tec]Real-Time[/tag-tec] [tag-tec]PreScreened[/tag-tec] [tag-tec]Leads[/tag-tec]… and by “Pre-Screened Leads” I’m referring to a lead of a person that we’ve called and talked to on the phone. We’ve verified that the person is a real person and that they’re looking to make money from home… Real-Time means that a person has access to the lead just moments after we’ve done the screening call.

Now Mike, you’ve done a lot of tracking in your organization of this type of MLM business opportunity lead. What type of results have you seen in your organization with this type of lead?

What type of lead prospecting activity does a person have to go through to bring a person into business?

I’ll base the answer on an average of downline, crossline organization etc… We found that a person dialing leads needs to make 65 contacts.

Again, a “contact” is a person that is on a list that picks up the phone to answer. It’s a person that says “hello”. It is someone live on the other end. That is a contact. That is a tick mark towards the 65 contacts we talked about earlier.

Out of those 65 contacts, you should get 13 good follow-up appointments. That means they showed up for the follow-up call.

You have to keep track of your prospecting interviews since you don’t know when they’re going to show up when you’re dialing. Even thou you might send a prospect out the back door because you didn’t like them… that will still counts as a tick mark.

Now out of the 13 good follow-up appointments, 2 to 4 people will join your business. If 4 join, typically 2 of those will be product users only.

That’s on average.

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