This describes mlm lead call center dial campaign and how to explain your mlm business to your prospects.

Every week we run Call Center Dial campaigns where we screen leads for our users. Most every phone script we receive is different than the other. Some scripts are clear and to the point. Other scripts are long-winded full of hype and claims of 6 and 7 figure incomes with very little effort.

When creating a phone script for our callers, always be sure to write the script in the “3rd person”. We calling on your behalf. So the script should read as such.

Also, make sure the phone script is concise and to the point. Give the prospect an idea of what you do in our business and how you generate income. Then ask them if that’s something they would like to learn more about – yes or no. That way you’re only talking to prospects that want to learn more about your business.

As an example of how to explain your business in a clear and concise manner, imagine that you’re promoting an energy company – one that helps people save on their utilities. Your script could read like..

“Well with XYZ company, you can make m’oney by helping people save on their electric bill. When you do that often enough, the company starts sending you checks in the mail. Imagine if you helped your neighbor save on their electricity. Every night when they turn the lights on, you could be getting paid!”

So what was the product/service? Electricity.

How do you create income? The company pays you to help people save on their electric bill.

At that point, either the prospect has an interest in learning more about the business or they don’t.

It’s pretty simple.

No where did we talk about how much the top producers in the company were making weekly or monthly.

No where did we talk about whether the company was an INC 500 company or not.

We just explained the business in plain terms that anyone could understand. So then it’s up to the prospect. Either they want to learn more or they don’t. If they do, we’ll send them to you so you can follow-up with them. Build a relationship with them. Then use your online marketing tools to do all the selling and telling for you so you don’t have to.

The more concise and to the point your phone script is, the more targeted the leads that you’ll receive from the campaign. And since the script is shorter in length, we’ll be able to dial more leads and make better use of your dial time.

Keep these points in mind when devising your next Call Center Dial campaign.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,

Enrique Garibay

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