Does your personal mlm or network marketing business need a blog?

Before you answer that question, let’s define a “blog” so we’re on the same page.

A blog can be a website, or part of a website that displays articles. You can write these articles (blog posts) yourself, or you can hire others to write them for you. Blog posts are usually displayed in the order in which they were written.

Now that we have defined “blog”, let’s ask the question again.. does your business need a blog?

In my opinion, no.

A blog won’t generate immediate web traffic or sales for you. And it will take away from precious prospecting time that could be used reaching out to new mlm leads.

But.. a blog is a nice thing to have for your direct sales business if you have time and effort to put towards one.

There are some long term benefits of having a blog. They include:

Become an Authority

Blog articles can showcase you as an authority on your subject, whatever it is. By continuously showing up with timely articles about trends, techniques, and news about your industry, you appear to be a leader in your niche. People will see you as a reliable source of information; then come to you to buy.

Getting to Know You

Direct sales is much about relationships. People buy from those that they know, like and trust. A blog is a great way for people to get to know, like and trust you.

Share Your Experiences

You’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Make your prospect’s lives easier by sharing your insights with them. They’ll see you as a person that can help them achieve more. Then they’ll want to do business with you.

SEO Benefits

Search engines love blog content that is updated frequently. Use your blog posts to add keywords that your prospects will be searching for.

Learn About Your Prospects

A blog creates a two-way conversation with customers, prospects and industry peers. And it encourages interaction, comments and feedback. Blog analytics can also help you to track readers, click-throughs, popular topics, shares and comments. You can even tell what day of the week your visitors prefer to stop by and read your blog.

In summary, you don’t need a blog for your direct sales business. It won’t generate any immediate web traffic or mlm leads for your business. However, as time and effort permits, you should consider creating and maintaining a blog for your business. There are a number of benefits associated with having one, that’s for sure.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,