In today’s newsletter, I want to cover domain masking, domain forwarding and whether you should be employing these URL manipulation tools when driving traffic to your mlm lead capture page.

First, let’s define these terms so we’re all on the same page..

Wikipedia says..

“Domain masking or URL masking is the act of hiding the actual domain name of a website from the URL field of a user’s web browser in favor of another name.”

It also says..

“When a domain is set to forward visitors to another website, the domain’s name does not stay in the web browser’s URL bar. Instead, the new page’s URL is displayed.”

Domain masking and domain forwarding usually come into play when you’re employing a 3rd party lead capture page hosting service. Instead of giving out a long lead capture page URL like..

You purchase a domain like and setup the domain to either mask or forward to the long URL.

Making It Easy to Give Out, Remember

MyAutoPilot Traffic

If you just want a convenient, easy to remember way to give out your URL, I would recommend domain forwarding over domain masking. Domain forwarding will forward the prospect’s browser to display the lead capture page URL. The long URL will also display in prospect’s web browser address bar for prospects to see.

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of blank pages when we try to load up lead capture pages that employ domain masking. I’m not sure why but I think this is happening at the host company. So that is why I’m recommending domain forwarding over domain masking.

URL For MyAutoPilot Click Traffic Orders

When employing MyAutoPilot Click Traffic, I recommend that you just give us the long URL instead of any masked or forwarded domain. That way you’re not depending on a 3rd party domain hosting company to properly redirect prospects to your lead capture page.

If you have an active MyAutoPilot Click Traffic order and you would like update your URL, feel free to send us an email requesting the update. Be sure to include your account username so that we know what order we’re updating. We’re glad to update your web traffic order for you so that you can get the most out of your order.

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