Do your mlm leads prospects believe you?

Do prospects believe what you’re telling them? Or do they think you’re blowing smoke and full of hype instead?

Hopefully your prospects do believe you and don’t think you’re full of hype. However, the reason I bring it up in today’s marketing tip is that I often see and read a lot of hype in the many phone scripts and mlm lead capture pages that we process daily here at

It’s often that people will talk about the “10s of 1,000s” one can earn in their company. While that may be true, unfortunately most people can’t relate to making that sort of income.

So instead of talking about 10,000s of extra income, maybe we should talk about an extra 200 to 300 dollars a month instead. A lot more people would believe those figures.

Stop and think about it..

An extra 200 to 300 dollars a month right now might allow a person to buy a car, or move into a nicer apartment. That amount could help them send their kid to a better school. Or it might help them save for that family vacation they’re always talking about but never can afford.

Some people have aspirations of becoming independently wealthy beyond dreams!.. while others just want to make a few hundred extra each month.

Keep that in mind as you prospect. That way you’re speaking a language that your prospect can understand and relate to.

Speaking of lead capture pages..

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To your success,

Enrique Garibay – Helping Entrepreneurs Everywhere