Would you answer the phone to make a $46,630 sale?

I know I would. But it surprises me that there are people that won’t.

I have a buddy of mine – Charlie – that’s in the market for a new SUV. He’s looking to purchase a higher end model; one with all the bells and whistles. He found one he likes and is ready to make a cash purchase from a local dealer. The problem is that the car salesman won’t call him back!

Charlie has been to the car lot 3 times. He’s given the salesman his phone number. He’s sent the salesman 2 text messages. He’s called the salesman 3 times asking for a call back. Still, the salesman does not call him back.

Can you imagine?.. not returning a phone call that could potentially close a $46, 630 sale?

I can’t imagine it.

Maybe the salesman is simply.. afraid to pick up the phone.

Listen, I don’t care what anyone told you before.. if you’re going to make it big from home, you have to learn how to build relationships over the phone. It’s just how it is.

Most prospects are a bit skeptical by nature so they want to know that you’re the “real deal”.

Most prospects want to know that there’s someone to talk to if they have questions or need help.

Most prospects want a level of assurance that others are pursuing the same business and are successful at it.

Most prospects want to do business with those that they know, like and trust.

Unless you live in the same area as the prospect, it’s going to be difficult to meet with the prospect in person. So try making the telephone your best friend. Use it to build relationships with prospects so that they feel comfortable doing business with you.

I can’t tell you how many times over the past 23 years people have called our office just to see if we’ll answer the phone. They simply wanted to know that there were real people behind our website. And that assurance has allowed them to do business with us for nearly than 2 decades.

If you’re still wondering what you should do and say to prospects over the phone, I encourage you to log into your MLMLeads.com member’s account and check out the prospecting training we’ve made available to you. The training will show you how to interview your prospects. That way you’re never selling or telling. You’re simply interviewing people to see who is a match for your business. You have 30 days access to that training with each order so be sure to check it out.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,