I think it’s fair to say that in my position, I get to review a lot of mlm leads capture pages and call center phone scripts. While some are very “believable”, quite a few are not.

Why not?

Because many are full of hype.

They list $dollar amounts of top earners in their company. Perhaps they do this to impress upon the prospect just how spectacular their business is.

The problem with listing dollar amounts of what top producers get paid is that most people aren’t going to be top producers. So many just can’t relate to that level of income. So why even talk about it if they can’t relate to it?

What can most people relate to?

Most people can relate to a couple hundred dollars extra coming in each month. That much money could mean a payment on a new car. It could mean a savings account for a family vacation. It could mean the difference in sending their kid to a nicer school or not. Or it could mean that they could finally give up one of their part-time jobs and spend more time with their family.

When it comes to a prospect joining your business, it’s usually not about the money. Mostly, it’s about what the extra money could do for their lifestyle.

So as you are out there prospecting, think about dialing it back on the hype. I think you’ll find that when you do, prospects will show more interest and will be more open to look at your business presentation. And that’s ultimately what you’re trying to accomplish.

The more business presentations you can present, the more you’ll find people that will join your business.

To your success,

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