This describes the My 247 Money MLM Mobile App for marketing and advertising mlm and network marketing businesses.  Post your mobile app ad to social networking sites for increased advertising exposure.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to use your My 247 Money MLM Mobile app ad to post it to social media sites for increased advertising exposure.  Watch the brief video below as I walk you thru it.

Everytime you post an home business opportunity ad into the My 247 Money mlm mobile app, that ad is also posted to the searchable website at  So the strategy is to go to the searchable website and find your ad.

Once you have your ad in view, click the “Sharing” options associated with the ad.  You’ll find that you can share your ad with dozens of social networking sites around the internet.

My favorite sharing method is posting my ad to Facebook.

When I share the ad to Facebook, I can ad my own comments to the ad. That way when people read my comments, they think that this is just some ad that I ran across on the Internet and that I thought they might want to know about it.  My Facebook friends have no idea that this is my ad.

Those Facebook friends that have an interest in the ad then click the wall post to learn more.  Those that have an interest in learning more about the business, then click the “Request Info” button which sends me an email that they want to learn more.  So it’s not until they actually contact me to learn more or get started do they learn that the ad was associated with me!

You can use this same method to post your ad to social networking sites all around the internet to direct traffic back to your ad.

This is rejection-free mlm leads marketing at its finest!

Give it a try today. Order your My 247 Money Mobile Ad today!

This article described the mobile app for mlm advertising called My 247 Money.  Now you can use your mobile app to post to social network sites all around the internet for increased mlm marketing and mlm lead generation exposure.

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