Let’s talk about mlm lead prospecting and how you help mlm lead prospects move thru the sales funnel in a more timely manner.

I was on the phone today with one of my clients named Stefanie. Stefanie has been going thru a good number of mlm leads for her network marketing business Though she’s doing well to sift/sort the tire kickers from the serious prospects, she’s finding it challenging to reach a number of mlm lead prospects for their scheduled follow-up calls. Stefanie asked whether there was something she could do to reduce the no-shows during her follow-up calls.

I told her “Yes”, there was something she could do. Instead of sending prospects off by themselves to view the business presentation, go with them.

Too often distributors will tell the prospect where they can view a business presentation. They’ll get off the phone, wait a few days, then try to re-connect with their prospect. Unfortunately this method can lead to a high number of follow-up call “no-shows”.

Instead of scheduling a follow-up call, ask your prospect to open a web browser while you’re together on the phone. Tell the prospect what to read, view and hear. Ask the prospect whether they have any questions about what they just reviewed. Once questions are answered, direct the prospect to the next page and repeat.

I think it is important not to answer the prospect’s questions directly yourself. Instead, instruct the mlm lead prospect where to navigate in your website to find the answers. That way you demonstrate that you don’t have to know all the answers to be in business since the website has all the answers.

Once your prospect has reviewed all the information, ask them if they’re ready to start making money. Ask them for the order.

When you take your mlm lead prospect to your website while on the phone together, you eliminate the need to chase them down later. And you also reduce the timeline required to bring a prospect into your business. It’s better to get a quick “no” or “yes” than a slow one.

Use these techniques a try and see how well they work for you.

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