Just to clarify a few things..

The purpose of a lead capture page is to do just that.. capture a lead.

It is NOT to present the business. That’s the job of the presentation page – that’s the page that the prospect is directed to after they opt into your lead capture page.

If you’re in need of a lead capture page system, go here to try our do-it-yourself-customizable mlm lead capture page system.

Once a person enters their contact information into your lead capture page, direct them to your business presentation. That presentation can be a page you setup in your lead capture page system.. or perhaps it’s your company website.

The business presentation should be brief and should tell the prospect..

  • what it is you do in your business
  • how you make money
  • how it is working for other people
  • what recourse the prospect has if it doesn’t work out
  • how to get started

And that’s it!

At the end of the presentation, give them a link to get started.

Don’t make the presentation long. It should be 2-8 minutes in length, that’s all.

Now that your lead capture page system is ready, it’s time to start driving traffic (prospects) to that page to generate leads.

Our proprietary traffic is called MyAutoPilot Traffic . It is traffic generated by our banner ads placed on high traffic consumer sites that talk about “make money from home learn how“. When someone clicks on our ad, they go into our traffic rotator. Our traffic rotator sees that you’re due to receive traffic. It then forwards that prospect to your lead capture page URL in real time. That’s one click of traffic delivered.

People that have an interest in your business complete your lead capture page webform and become an exclusive lead for your business. The lead capture page subscribes them to your drip email follow-up campaign as well.

The best part about this marketing is that all the sifting and sorting is done for you automatically. There’s no selling or telling on your part. You simply follow-up with your leads and help those that are ready to get started.. get started!

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Thanks for reading and watching!