Not all pay per click traffic is equal. It’s “buyer beware”.

Here are a few reasons why..

Back in the day (not so many years ago), Google AdWords was arguably the best source of pay per click web traffic on the planet. People advertised on Google and generated targeted leads for their business using lead capture pages. They were crushing it using Google AdWords.

Why was AdWords working so well for them?

It worked so well because..

* You could write an ad, set a price you were willing to pay per click, and drive people directly to your lead capture page on a pay per click basis

* You could target demographics – age range, gender, location

* You could target keyword phrases – your ad was displayed to those searching that keyword phrase

* Most importantly.. Traffic was unique and exclusive to you – the same people weren’t seeing your ad over and over again. And your sales team wasn’t showing their same ad to the same people.

Distributors were crushing it using AdWords. That is, until things got a little out of hand. That’s when Google decided to shut it down..

Google started getting complaints that bizop ads were misleading or that the ads made unrealistic claims regarding weight loss or financial gain. Google didn’t like the complaints so they made it difficult for the average distributor to advertise on their network using a replicated lead capture page. Today, Google Adwords is essentially dead for marketing your direct sales business.

So what happened next?

Solo ads and traffic exchanges started popping up all around the Internet. They promised targeted traffic to distributors but fell short of Google for the following reasons: They couldn’t provide unique traffic to sales teams. And they often directed the advertisement towards people that weren’t really looking for a business.

Having tested these traffic sources ourselves, we too realized their short comings. That’s why we created MyAutoPilot Traffic.

Using MyAutoPilot Traffic, you gain immediate access to our targeted bizop traffic.

We’ve spent dozens of hours testing ad copy and banner ads to find the right ads that will generate a response.

We’ve spent $1,000s just to find which consumer websites on the Internet to advertise at so that we can provide the traffic volume that customers demand.

We’ve spent even more money in testing traffic at known good lead capture pages. That allowed us to measure and compare each traffic source optin rate and the sales that each produced. We only use those traffic sources that have proven optin rates that have generated sales during our testing.

So when you’re looking for web traffic to generate leads, be aware that there are many variables involved in generating and delivering good quality bizop traffic to your lead capture page. Look for unique traffic that has proven to generate sales.. traffic your entire team can use without competing with one another for sales.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,