This network marketing leads article describes the “Top 100” network marketing companies #41-50 and multi-level marketing mlm companies based on mlm sales of 2010.

The countdown to the #1 ranked network marketing company of 2010 continues.  You’ll find today’s installment of the next 10 mlm companies as ranked by Direct Selling News.

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50. Charle Corp. Ltd. Sales: $240 million. Founded in 1993, this company is engaged in the wholesale of women’s undergarments through distributors through home parties, specialty stores and agent stores.

49. Vivint, Inc. Sales: $245 million. Founded in 1999, this company is one of the largest home automation companies in North America

48. XANGO, LLC. Sales: $250 million. Founded in 2002, this network marketing company is known for its mangosteen-based beverages such as XANGO® Juice and XANGO® Reserve, but sells other products as well.

47. Neways, Inc. Sales: $250 million. Founded in 1992, this network marketing company designs, manufactures and distributes approximately 300 personal care items, including cosmetics and hair-care products, aromatherapy items and nutritional supplements.

46. Isagenix International. Sales: $256 million. Founded in 2002, this company offers nutritional cleansing and replenishing products as well as skin-care, anti-aging and weight-management products.

45. Eureka Forbes Ltd. Sales: $272 million. Founded in 1982, this company is a pioneer in purifiers and vacuum cleaners for the home.

44. Cosway. Sales: $298 million. Founded in 1979, this marketing company sells supplements, skin-care, personal-care, cosmetics, household products, car care, food items and lingerie.

43. Sunrider. Sales: $300 million. Founded in 1982, this network marketing company manufactures and sells more than 400 individual products, including high-quality herbal products as well as personal-care and household products.

42. Aerus Holdings Inc. LLC. Sales: $300 million. Founded in 1924, this company sells vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, cleansers, allergy control products, nutritional supplements and electronic equipment.

41. LR Health & Beauty Systems. Sales: $307 million. Founded in 1985, this network marketing company attributes its success to four distinctive key factors: top products with German quality standards, portfolio of celebrities, unique marketing plan and car concept.

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Still waiting to see your mlm company, network marketing company listed, it may be because they’re higher on the list of “Top 100” network marketing, MLM companies list of 2010.  The countdown will continue until we get to #1, so check back later to see more MLM companies listed.

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This network marketing leads article describes the “Top 100” network marketing companies #41-50 and multi-level marketing, mlm companies based on mlm sales of 2010.  Keep checking back to see where your company ranks in the list.

Note: Some network marketing companies, mlm companies and muliti-level marketing companies in this list declined participation in providing information.

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