This describes mlm leads, mlm lead training, how to use MLM Direct-to-Website Leads during a MLM company pre-launch.

There are a number of ways to direct web traffic to your MLM Company pre-launch landing page to create your own MLM landing page. I know right now several MLM companies are in pre-launch; Yoli is the only one in a pre-pre-launch. FDI (Financial Destination Inc.) has just merged with GI Connect to form Financial Destination International, and Ideal Health is re-branding and will launch in October as The Trump Network.

So how are you going to take advantage of all this great activity in Network Marketing?

The most inexpensive way to get your new MLM team launched is to purchase our Direct to Website leads. A “Direct to Website” lead is a prospect that has been surfing the net looking for some type of home-based business which they can sink their teeth into. When they respond to our web advertising, they have filled out our web form and hit the “submit” button and BAM! they are directed to your MLM Pre-launch company replicated site, or landing page.

Now, let me stop a second. If you are in a pre-launch company like Yoli, who has not launched any replicated distributor sites, then you may want to create a very simple but professional landing page.

Creating a good landing page does not take to much time and you can do it using, if you finishing reading the rest of this blog post.

Knowing that “Direct to Website” leads are a great way to generate leads since you have full record of each person that has been directed to your page, the natural question then becomes…

“What kind of conversion can I expect from my landing page?”

My standard answer is: It depends.

MLM landing page conversion depends on a number of variables. Those variables combined decide just how well your landing page will convert web visitors into mlm leads.

Here is a short list of variables that influence your mlm lead generation landing page conversion rates:

  • Headline Ad Copy
  • Sub-headline Ad Copy
  • Call-To-Action Ad Copy
  • Web Form Fields
  • Web Form Placement on Webpage
  • Length of Webpage
  • Use of Web Audio on Webpage
  • Use of Web Video on Webpage
  • Webpage Colors
  • Fonts, Font Sizes, Font Colors
  • Webpage Graphics
  • Button Colors
  • Overall Page Layout
  • Type of Traffic Posted to Webpage

I don’t have the time to go into detail here in this post, but I think you can understand that your landing page conversion is going to be unique based on how you put your your landing page together. It also will depend on if you are willing to pick up the phone and call your Direct-To-Website leads once you get their information in the back office at MLM Leads.

But to answer the question “what can I expect”, here are two observations that I’ve made over the past few years related to online mlm lead generation using landing pages:

1) Direct to Website Lead Traffic Converts Better than Bulk Email Traffic

Using a single landing page as the control, I’ve tested and compared landing page conversion rates based on a number of traffic sources. I found that MyAutoPilot Traffic out performs bulk email traffic when it comes to landing page conversion.

When traffic was directed to a landing page using DMyAutoPilot Traffic, I found that 25 to 65% of that traffic converted to landing page opt-ins.

When traffic was directed to the same landing page using bulk email traffic, only 1 to 10% of that traffic converted to landing page opt-ins.

25-60% opt-in rate vs. 1-10% optin rate; that’s a big difference.

2) Web Video Out-Pulls Those Pages Without

Over the years we’ve tested landing pages with and without streaming web video. We found that MLM lead generation landing pages that included streaming web video always outperformed those landing pages that did not include web video.

In summary, there are a lot of variables that influence landing page conversion rates. Our in-house testing has shown that Direct to Website Traffic outperforms the other traffic types for landing page conversion.

This described mlm leads, mlm lead training, how to use MLM MyAutoPilot Traffic during a MLM company pre-launch.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly


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