This describes MLM leads, MLM lead training, the best type of MLM Leads for the Yoli Prelaunch.

In my last post I talked about How To Use MLM Website Traffic to generate mlm leads During MLM Company PreLaunch.

Today I’m going to focus in on the Yoli Prelaunch specific because I have heard from new Yoli distributors who are all saying the same thing… “We don’t have landing pages, or even a good company replicated website, all we have is the Yoli prelaunch webinar.”

As I studied this question and reviewed the Yoli Prelaunch website and watched the yoli webinar, it gave me an idea that I want to share with all of our readers.

I’m going to give you two types lead MLM leads you can use, and the correct marketing channel for each.

The first type of MLM Lead I would use in building my new Yoli Team (I am not in Yoli, this is an example), would be Local MLM Leads. Now, listen if you live in a small town or out in a rural area then don’t buy these leads. This type of lead is for those who live in major population areas.

The reason I would use the Local MLM Leads if I were building Yoli is because I could meet them at a local coffee shop, like a Starbucks and give a Coffee Shop Presentation (if you are not sure what a coffee shop presentation is, I’ll share in a new MLM training blog post soon.)

As I chat with my new Local MLM Lead Prospect, I’d be demonstrating how the Yoli Blast Cap Technology works, and would offer a Yoli bottle to my new MLM Prospect so they could personally experience the Yoli Blast Cap Technology.

The second type of MLM Lead I would use if I were building a Yoli Organizaiton would be Nationwide Real-Time MLM Leads

I would schedule 2 to 3 hours a day to do nothing but call my Real-Time MLM Leads. Now I can’t tell you for sure exactly what I would say, because I’m not a Yoli Distributor, but I do know I would cover the following points.

1. MLM Prospect, are still looking for a home-based business for you and your family?
2. Are you serious about starting a home-based business when you find the right one, or are you just going to work it in your spare-time like a hobby?
3. Can you give me 20 minutes to share with you about a concept that just may be the next company you heard about in your favorite business news channel?

The reason I would use the Nationwide Real-Time MLM Lead is because I know with this type of lead, I will be able to build my Yoli Team nationwide, and not just in my small island town.

Well, I was going to just give you two, but let me also fill you in on a secret lead type I would also use. Please do not share this secret with everyone. This is something I usually share only with my paying students.

Since Yoli offers several different nutritional drinks, you can also used MLM Company Specific Leads. Leads like our Drink ACT or MonaVie leads would rock with a business opportunity like Yoli, because these leads are not just looking for a MLM business opportunity, they are also looking for a business in the nutritional juice or energy drink business.

In closing I want to provide you a video I shot after I interviewed Robby Fender the President and Co-Founder of Yoli last week.

Well, I’ve described the mlm leads, mlm lead training, and the best type of MLM Leads for the Yoli Prelaunch.

Never Give Up,



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