This describes mlm leads and mlm leads prospecting. The first 10 seconds of your mlm leads prospecting call are vitally important. You’ll make or break the call in those first 10 seconds.

10 seconds is all it takes to make or break your mlm leads mlm leads prospecting trainingprospecting call. Depending on what you say in those first 10 seconds, you may find yourself with a great new business prospect.. or you’ll suddenly discover that “no such person” lives at that number.

Most people fail in the first 10 seconds of their mlm leads prospecting call but don’t even realize it’s happened.

Here’s why..

¬†Over the years, we’ve been conditioned to introduce ourselves to strangers in a certain manner. When we do this over the phone, we tend to state our name, company we represent and the person that we’re trying to reach at the other end of the phone line. Unfortunately, hearing this sort of introduction sets off the “salesman” flags for most prospects. Right away they think that a salesman is calling them. When that happens, the prospect may often reply..

I’m sorry she’s not here right now” or..

I’m sorry, there’s no such person at this number. Goodbye“.

10 seconds have gone by and you just burned thru what was otherwise a very good lead for your business opportunity

Don’t let this happen to you.

Learn how to handle that first 10 seconds of the call. Your livelihood depends on it.

Whenever I call mlm leads for a business opportunity, I ask for the prospect just as I would if I were calling one of my friends. I don’t go for the long, salesman introduction. I just ask.

If I’m dialing a male’s name and a male answers the phone, I just assume that it’s the prospect I’m calling for (until they tell me otherwise). I might say..

Hey John?

If it’s John, he might say..

Yes this is John” or even “Who’s calling?

Whatever the answer, I again assume it’s John until the person tells me otherwise. So I commence my prospecting as if I have the right person on the phone.

Calling mlm leads this way keeps the prospect a bit dazed and confused and gets me thru the first 10 seconds of the lead prospecting call without the prospect thinking that I’m a salesman. When prospects are dazed and confused, their guard is down. And that allows me to begin my interview right away.

I’ve taught my MLM Pro Callers to use this technique when we’re dialing business opportunity leads using our Call Center Dial Service. It works very well for them as they get very few “wrong numbers” for the number of dials they make.

Have you used our Call Center Dial Service yet?

It’s easy to get started. Just pick up a block of hours and a mlm leads list. Once we get your order, we’ll send you a phone script template that will help you to devise your own custom phone script. That way we’ll screen your leads exactly the way you want them screened. Now instead of dialing 100s of numbers an evening, you’ll dial only those leads that said they “Yes” they have an interest in learning more about your business.

We Call Your MLM Leads For You

Give it a try today. Then use this one little technique when you do call your leads back. You’ll be amazed at how well it works!

To your success, – Helping Entrepreneurs Everywhere

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This described mlm leads and mlm leads prospecting. The first 10 seconds of your mlm leads prospecting call are vitally important. You’ll make or break the call in those first 10 seconds. Did into our mlm leads and training to sponsor more distributors into your network marketing company.

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