This describes mlm leads and mlm leads prospecting. Are you your own worst enemy when it comes to prospecting? Are you giving too much information that makes prospects say “no”?

A few years ago, I did an interview of my good friend Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. During the interview, I asked Tom how to find really good prospects. The answer he gave was a bit of a surprise. He said..

“Prospects are neither hot, nor cold; neither good, nor bad. Prospects are generally neutral. It’s what we say to prospects that usually makes them either good or bad.”

If what we say to prospects makes them either good or bad, ask yourself..

What am I saying to my prospects?

Is what you’re saying to your prospects making them good leads or bad leads?

Some distributors I know make a mess of their leads by giving TMI: Too Much Information.

They’re giving their prospects way too much information. They’re talking their prospects OUT of the idea of having a business of their own. Unfortunately they don’t realize it.

Here are 3 ways to avoid giving prospects too much information:

#1. Let the Tools Make the Presentation.
It’s often that our enthusiasm for our business, products/service gets the best of us. We talk to prospects by spewing all sorts of information. When that happens, our prospects think.. he/she must have taken a lot of time to learn all that.. no way can I give a presentation like that.. this business isn’t for me.

Instead of giving the presentation yourself, let your web or mobile-based tools make the presentation for you. Only give the prospect the information they’re looking for. The less you say in the presentation, the better.

#2. Ask Good Questions, Then Listen
When connecting with your prospects, interview them using the techniques we outline in our training. Ask good questions, then be quiet so that you can listen to the answers. If you listen carefully, your prospect will tell you whether they’re a good prospect for your business. You won’t need to sell them. They’ll tell you what they need to know so they can sell themselves.

#3. Become a Good Storyteller
By now you’ve probably heard the old saying.. Facts tell but stories sell. Become a story teller about your business. If someone asks how the products work, don’t go into the science behind the products. Instead, tell your story of how the products worked for you. Or tell someone else’s story. The more stories you can tell, the more signups you’ll get.

I had a sponsor years ago that kept a notebook of stories, testimonials and pictures. If he was prospecting someone with high cholesterol, he would go to that section of his book and begin to tell stories of how his products worked for people that also had high cholesterol.

My sponsor made a fortune as a professional story teller. Now you can do the same.

If you find yourself having a tough run in your prospecting and closing, go back and review your activity against the 3 bullets above. Maybe you’ll want to modify your prospecting and closing accordingly.

This described mlm leads and mlm leads prospecting. Don’t give prospects too much information. Now you know 3 ways to avoid giving prospects too much information.