The MLM business recruiting season is in full swing.  To help you signup as many new distributors as you can into your MLM, I’m offering a personal one-on-one mlm lead prospecting and marketing consultation. This is your chance to spend 15 minutes one-on-one over the phone to discuss your MLM prospecting and marketing strategies.

What sorts of things would we discuss in a free 15 minute prospecting and marketing consultation?

Many people often ask us for an honest evaluation of their online sales funnel materials. That could include your lead capture page, business presentation page or business signup. Let’s face it, we see a lot of mlm lead capture pages here when we setup web traffic orders. Some lead capture pages are better than others.

If you would like a personal one-on-one consultation, please contact me and tell me what days and times work best for you. I’ll check my calendar and setup a time where we can spend 15 minutes on the phone. Be sure to include your phone number in your email so that I have it.

Please contact me now to schedule your free mlm lead prospecting and marketing consultation. I look forward to connecting with you soon.