This describes mlm lead, network marketing lead generation and MLM sizzle lines. Listen how this MLM telephone sizzle line is used for mlm lead prospecting.

In my last MLM Lead Blog installment, I described “MLM Lead Prospecting: How to Use MLM Sizzle Lines to Prospect Network Marketing Leads.”  Based on the number of hits that mlm lead blog article received, it’s obvious that a lot of distributors are interested in hearing just “HOW” top mlm producers use a Sizzle Line for their business.

Before I present a real-life example to you, let me first give you a few tips on what makes for a good MLM Sizzle Line Call.  A good MLM Telephone Sizzle Line call should include:

Emotional Involvement. The call should get the prospect to tap into their “why” they should consider a home-based business of their own.

Testimonials. Ideally the telephone sizzle line call should include the testimonials of happy customers or successful distributors.  That provides the 3rd party validation that your prospect requires.

USP. The telephone sizzle line call should briefly state why it is unique.  It should tell the prospect its unique selling proposition.

Call to Action. The telephone sizzle line call should tell the prospect the next step.  That way the distributor doesn’t have to.

In today’s prospecting audio tip, I’ve presented 7 minutes of an actual live prospecting call made by one of my clients.  The audio begins well into the interview.  My client is finding the “why” his prospect is looking for a business.

The actual telephone sizzle line call used in this example was  3:27 minutes.  I think that’s a great length for an mlm telephone sizzle call.  It’s not too long, yet it gives the mlm lead prospect enough information to realize whether they want more information.

MLM telephone sizzle lines are great for sifting and sorting prospects.  I always prefer to spend an additional 3 minutes with a prospect to disqualify them NOW… instead of chasing them around for days, weeks and months just to find out they weren’t really not interested or serious about a home business.

Once you start “sifting and sorting” mlm lead prospects in this manner, just imagine how fast you can go thru your leads list.  Not only will you find the more serious prospects, but you’ll spend less time finding them.  And less time prospecting means more time for you and your family.

After all, it is a “home” business, right?

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This mlm lead prospecting article described mlm lead, network marketing lead generation and MLM sizzle lines. Listen and learn how to use MLM telephone sizzle lines for mlm lead prospecting.

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