This describes mlm leads, network marketing lead generation and sizzle lines. Learn how to use telephone sizzle lines effectively to prospect your network marketing leads.

Want to know a quick and easy way to qualify prospects without wasting a lot of your time?

Try using a telephone Sizzle Line to qualify your MLM lead prospects.

Sizzle Lines are a great way to give your prospect enough information to help them determine whether or not they want more information.

If they’re interested enough to want more info, great.  You continue to work with them.  If they’re not interested, find out early so you can move onto the next prospect.

What is a MLM Lead Sizzle Line?

A MLM Lead sizzle line is a telephone line that when dialed, provides the listener with a pre-recorded audio message.  The audio message can be about anything but typically will be about your company, product and/or service.

What Makes a Good Sizzle Line

Over the years I have found that the best sizzle lines are those that tell stories.  As my old mentor taught me “facts tell, but stories sell”.

Good sizzle lines typically include the following components…

Emotional Involvement. They tapped into the prospect’s “reason why” they should consider a business of their own.
Testimonials. Let them experience having success in advance by listening to others that have had success.
Brief USP of the Company, Product, Service. Tell the prospect the unique selling proposition of your offer and why it’s in demand.
Calls to Action. Tell the prospect to take an action.

By far, the best sizzle lines that I’ve listened to – and I’ve listened to a lot – were those that were heavy on testimonials.  I might not have known much about the product or service but the people using them were really excited.  And that stuck in my mind.  That made me want to learn more.

How Long Is a Good Sizzle Line?

I recommend you limit your sizzle line to 2 to 5 minutes in duration.  It is intended to give enough information to allow the prospect to know whether they want more information.

If they like the information and want more, then send them to your website or to a 2nd sizzle line that provides more detail.

How to Use a Sizzle Line for MLM Lead Prospecting

Now that you know what a mlm lead sizzle line is and how they’re created, let’s talk about how you use them.

Let’s say you have been interviewing a prospect on the telephone.  Maybe you like what you hear from the prospect; maybe you don’t.  Maybe the prospect is “borderline” meaning you’re not sure if he’s exactly what you’re looking for or not.  Either way, you say to your prospect…

“Here’s what I can do for you prospect.  I’m going to 3-way you into a brief information line.  So in the next 3 minutes, I want to give you enough information so that you know whether you want more information or not.  Quite frankly (prospect), I don’t want to waste your time or mine if you’re not interested.  Does that sound fair?.. So here we go.  I’m going to be on the phone with you the whole time.  And I want you to stay on for the full duration because at the end of the call is when we talk about how you make the big money.”

I then hit “flash” on my telephone and 3-way the prospect into the sizzle line.  I hit “flash” again to connect the prospect to the recording.

And that’s it!

Either the prospect likes the information they heard, or they don’t.

Either the prospect wants more information, or they don’t.

Either way, I get to a decision earlier in the prospecting process.  I spend less time with people that aren’t really interested and more time with those that really are interested.

Do You Need a Toll-Free Number?

A lot of people ask me whether they need to have a toll-free number for a sizzle line.  I tell them “no”.

With VOIP telephone service, unlimited long distance and unlimited cell phone plans, I believe that toll-free numbers are going by the wayside.  There really is no cost to a prospect in making a phone call today.  That’s especially true when you’re 3-waying the prospect into the sizzle line yourself.

Moreover if the prospect isn’t willing to spend a few pennies of their own money to make a call, then they’re really not a prospect.

If you don’t like the prospect, then don’t want to waste your time or telephone minutes.  Instead, give them the telephone number and tell them to dial the number themselves.  Then have them call you if they like what they hear.

Where to Find the Best MLM Lead Sizzle Line for Prospecting

The best mlm lead sizzle line system on the planet for prospecting is one that I created (obviously) at

There you can setup your sizzle line to be “presentation-only” meaning it will not accept a voicemail message after the recording has played.  Or you can set it up to accept a voicemail message after the presentation.  The choice is yours.  If this sizzle line is being used by your whole team, I’d recommend that you use it in “presentation-only” mode.

Not only do you get a sizzle line with your account, but you also get reservationless conference calling that can be recorded automatically.  You get voice messaging which allows you to create multiple voice presentations.  (I’ll teach you how to duplicate yourself with that feature in an upcoming article).  You also get streaming web audio, streaming web video that can be included in your emails, blogs or websites.

So there you have it.

Now you know how to use sizzle lines in your mlm lead prospecting.  Try it yourself then write me back with your story.  I’d love to tell it here in this blog.

This article described mlm leads, network marketing lead generation and sizzle lines. Learn how to use telephone sizzle lines effectively to prospect your network marketing leads.

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