Want to know why some make $80k/month in their home business using MyAutoPilot Traffic to generate their own mlm leads, when others don’t?

If so, then continue reading.. I’m about to describe the sorts of lead capture pages that top producers use to absolutely kill it using MyAutoPilot Web Traffic to generate leads and make money from home.

There are a few elements to a lead capture page that you should pay attention to. They include..

Mobile Optimized Page

Your lead capture page should be mobile optimized so that it properly displays when viewed on both desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

Having a mobile optimized lead capture page is a must. Be sure to check yours on several different types of mobile devices.

Background Image/Video

I suggest that you avoid hype background images like expensive sports cars. Most people aren’t in it for the sports car. They’re in it to make a few extra hundred a month.

I’ve seen a number of lead capture pages use video as the page background. The problem with using a video background is that it can be distracting to the prospect. Also, often times the video is not visible when viewed on mobile devices.

Those that are killing it with our traffic are using solid color backgrounds as the background image. If they’re using an image, they’re often lifestyle scenes.

Font and Button Colors

Black font on the page is the most common font. Red font and red or yellow buttons are typically calls-to-action.

Page Scrolling

Top producers rarely make prospects scroll down the page to find the optin webform or to read the page.

Try to keep everything visible in one screen.


Should you only collect an email address? Or should you collect a name, phone and email address?

The thing about webforms is that the more information you ask for, the fewer people will opt into your webform.

The guys that are killing it are using an email-only webform. However, they’re also sending a ton of follow-up emails to their prospects over time.

If you’re only going to collect an email address, be prepared to send daily emails to your prospects. Make your emails relevant and informative so that they get read.

If you intend to talk to prospects on the phone, then collect name, phone number and email address.

I’ve seen a few users use lead capture pages with no webform whatsoever. Their page instructed prospects to send a text message to learn more. I’ve done some testing with this and had no results.

All top producers I work with are using an optin webform to collect leads from their MyAutoPilot Traffic.

Headlines and Sub-Headlines

Customers that are killing it with traffic are those that are using believable headlines. Their headlines focus on answering the prospect’s question:

What’s in it for me?

Their headline gives the prospect a strong reason why they should opt into their lead capture page.

So, what is it that prospects want to know about?

Think of it this way..

We generate traffic from ads that describe“make money from home, learn how“. So interested prospects click our ad and end up at your lead capture page. So your capture page should tell them the “how” in exchange for opting into your lead capture page.

Too often distributors use headlines that talk about their company, their system, their products or service. Whereas, the customers that are killing it with traffic never do this. They always talk about how they can help a person make m’oney from home.

If ever you’re lacking a strong headline for your lead capture page, you should try some of ours.


Customers that are killing it with traffic tend to avoid direct sales jargon like “mlm”, “network marketing” or “residual income“. Instead, they talk about “making money from home“. That’s a term that most every prospect understands.

Now that you have an idea of how our top customers are killing it with traffic, take a look at your page and see how it compares. If you need a good lead capture page system that allows you to customize all the things we talked about above, consider ours here.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,