This describes mlm lead, mlm leads and mlm lead training call audios. Shall we send mlm lead training call CDs in the mail or digital download?
Thanks for the feedback last time about your interest in obtaining mlm lead prospecting training calls. Based no the responses, it seems that most are interested in:

  • A sample audio to know the worth of the mlm lead training call audios
  • Obtaining 10 to 20 hours of audios
  • Cost dependent upon the quality of the prospecting calls

All those are good answers. We appreciate your feedback.

In order to proceed one way or another, we have one last question:

Hard copy CD? Or instant digital download?

There are hard costs associated with both methods (there are real costs in running a business as you’re well aware of). So your answer will help us determine the best delivery method for the training audios.

If you would be so kind as to voice your opinion using the Comment box below, it would be greatly appreciated.

And as a reminder, your response will be rewarded with a soon-to-be-released advanced copy of the ebook entitled:

“17,400 Distributors in 24 Months: Confessions of a Top Producer”

Take a moment now to tell us “Hard copy CD” or “Digital Download” below.


This article described mlm lead, mlm leads and mlm lead training call audios. Tell us what works best for you. Shall we publish the mlm lead training via Hard Copy CD? Or via Digital Download?

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