Email marketing pioneer reveals 5 “how-to” insider’s secrets to using fresh (0-48 hour) MLM email leads and autoresponder leads to prospect for your business opportunity.

Prospecting with email isn’t what it used to be.

I remember a time when I could send out a single plain text email message and get 30% of my MLM email leads list to click-through the email message and go to my website where they would fill out an online survey form.

At that time, prospecting via email for me was like shooting fish in a barrel.

It was fast and simple. And it produced immediate results.

I remember when I changed my emails from plain text emails to HTML emails. That meant that I could vary the text font sizes and colors in the email messages. I even included graphics and audio. When I did that, response rates increased even more. Conversions went off the chart.

Then spammers began to abuse email as a marketing medium.

ISPs began to disable the audios. They followed that by placing HTML emails into the “JUNK” folder.

And today, 70% of all graphics included in emails will be blocked.

Times have changed.

If you’re going to have ANY success today using mlm email leads and autoresponder leads to build your business opportunity, then pay close attention to the 5 insider’s secrets that I’m about to share with you.

Email Lead Tip #1: Know when to send.

People often ask me when is the best day of the week to send their prospecting email message. I tell them that Mondays and Tuesdays are best. I prefer Tuesday.

I prefer to send my email out later morning.


Weekly plans are set out early in the week and I want to be included in those plans.

Late morning works for me. People like to go through their inbox first thing in the morning. I like to send my email afterwards and time it such that they’re taking their work breaks or having lunch. Typically they’ll browse their email in a more leisure manner at that time. So that’s when I want readers to see my email – when they’re not rushed for time.


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Email Lead Tip #2: Plain Text vs. HTML Email format.

Each format has its advantages and disadvantages.

A plain text is easy to create and requires no knowledge of HTML. It’s the same message format that you commonly send as personal correspondence to a friend. It’s also low key. Since it contains no graphics, it’s less likely to end up in the junk folder.

The downside to using plain text email is that you can’t track the number of emails that have been opened. That tracking is performed by the inclusion of graphics in the email message.

HTML emails are common for companies. They are more engaging than plain text messages and can include graphics to track open rates.

The downside to using HTML email is that 70% of the graphics are blocked. That means you won’t get accurate open rate data for your email.

My choice: plain text email


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Enrique Garibay