In part 2 of this article, email marketing pioneer reveals 5 "how-to" insider's secrets to using fresh (0-48 hour) MLM email leads and autoresponder leads to prospect for your business opportunity.

Email Lead Tip #3: Choosing the "FROM".

The "FROM" name is very important as many readers will scan their inbox based on the "FROM" name. Readers are more likely to open an email message from someone they know.

So what do you do if you're using MLM email leads or autoresponder leads and the person doesn't know you?

I suggest using a "FROM" name that will "stand out of the crowd". One way to do that is to choose a "FROM" that is either a single name or phrase instead of a personal name. It's unexpected and will throw your reader off a bit by generating curiosity.

I've seen others use their toll-free telephone number as the "FROM" name. That always picked my interests.

So again, try using a "FROM" name that will either stand out of the crowd or that will create curiosity. That way your autoresponder lead prospects will be more likely to click the email to resolve their curiosity.

Email Lead Tip #4: Choosing a Subject Line

The email subject line is probably the second more important consideration when sending email to your mlm email leads.


Think of it this way:. The subject line is a 40-character "teaser". As a email marketer, you want to craft your 40-characters carefully to entice your readers to click on your email to learn more.

How important is a subject line?

Choosing the right subject line can improve click-through rates by 25 percent to 50 percent or more.

It really pays to test various subject lines to see which will yield the best response. I recommend that you test a single subject line on a minimum of 1,000 to 5,000 mlm email leads. That way you'll have enough data to make comparisons to the next subject line.

Which subject line tested the best?

Use that subject line as the baseline subject and test it against a third subject line. Continually test new subject lines against the best performing to really get the maximum out of your autoresponder leads.

The best subject lines for me were those that had the fewest words.

The best all-time subject line for me was a single word. I’ll let you guess what it was. Guess correctly and I’ll send you 1,000 free autoresponder leads.


Are MLM email leads and autoresponder leads right for you?

Autoresponder leads are perfect for the email marketer that prefers to prospect via email. Autoresponder leads include the prospect’s name, address, email address and IP address. These leads are from all parts of the USA and are 0 to 48 hours in age when provided to you. They may be sold one other time to someone in a company other than yours.

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Email Lead Tip #5: Focus on what's Important

As much as we'd like to think that autoresponder lead prospects what to know all about us, our products and services: the truth is that they don't.

Prospects don't care about us.

Prospects don't care about our products or services.

All prospects care about is themselves and whether you can help them or not.

Too many distributors sell the hype and financial rewards: or they focus on their company, their product or their service.

What prospects really care about are their needs, their fears, their problems, their challenges and their desires.

"What's in it for me?"

That's all they care about.

The sooner you realize what their needs and interests are, the sooner you can tailor your mlm lead email offer to meet those needs and interests.

In summary, this email marketing pioneer has seen the good and the bad of email marketing over the years. While prospecting via mlm email leads and autoresponder leads is not as easy as it used to be, a savvy distributor can improve their email results by paying close attention to the 5 Insider's Secrets outlined above.


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