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Enrique: I heard you say that back in the day, you might email a 24 different times. I’m assuming that was not 24 consecutive days. I’m going to assume that maybe it was a week apart, or maybe every four or five days. Is that what you find still works now Paul?

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Paul: Oh yes. The follow-up and people’s mentalities have not changed at all. It’s more important today than ever because more and more people are hitting “delete”. They kinda look through the email inbox real quick and don’t pay attention to every email that they get.

I think I send out at least two dozen emails to a person. In the beginning I’ll do that every week, then I’ll do it every other day for a while … then every fourth day for a while … then every seventh day. Then I really spread it out over 14 days then maybe once a month.

But I want to keep me in their mind. I believe that everyone’s life changes every 90 days. You might just catch them five or six months from now. And they’ll think … you know what? This guy has been it emailing me for months now. He must be pretty organized. I just got in a fight with my boss or I just lost my job or things are going the way I want them… Maybe I should call this guy and check this out and see what it’s all about.

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Enrique: Timing is everything.

Paul: Yes it is. So you have to keep following up.

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