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Enrique: Sending that much email to your list… doesn’t that excite your local Internet service provider?

Opt In MLM Email Lead and Autoresponder Lead Marketing Tip

Be sure to choose the right subject line for your email message. The shorter and more to the point, often the better.

A good subject line should be compelling and draw enough curiosity that it begs to be clicked and read.

Paul: No: There are different levels of service. You can contact your local Internet Service provider and open up a business account.

I’m sure you can check with your local ISP or whoever you have your local Internet access through. They should have something called a “business” account where it is setup where you can buy your own domain name. For instance, when I send out emails, it’s not from I actually get to pick my own domain name so it comes from paul at my own domain name dot com so check with your local service provider and ask if you can create a business account. They might offer a web space with that and higher speed Internet connection. One of the features would be personalized e-mail accounts.

They might have a limit of 100,000 emails a day or something like that. The one I have it is absolutely an unlimited e-mail account. Of course you still have to follow the Can-Spam laws and those types of things. But there is no restriction on the amount of the email you can send out on the business level account. .

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Enrique: So you’re able to push out a large volume of email just from your desktop. And what you’re saying is you found it to be true that if you can send it from your desktop, you’re going to get better deliverability then if you went with a bulk autoresponder service. Is that true?

Paul: You can get up in the 80 to 90 percent deliverability when sending from your desktop because it’s just like sending a regular email to one of your friends. So eight times of 10 if you send an e-mail to one of your friends it’s going to go through. Maybe one time it wouldn’t because maybe their mailbox is full or bad e-mail address or it might see that you’re sending out of lot of the emails at one time or something like that. Eight or nine times at of 10 it will get through now.

Check back tomorrow for Part 12 of this article when Paul talks about the frequency of which he sends email to his mlm email lead and autoresponder lead lists.

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