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Enrique: Whenever you send an email to your list and that email is placed in the bulk folder, it’s not likely to get read. What other things have you seen in email deliverability? In general, is deliverability as good now as it was back then? Is that half as good now as it was back then?

Opt In MLM Email Lead and Autoresponder Lead Marketing Tip

How important is the right subject line?

Think of your subject line as your 40-character ad. You have 40 characters to work with. You want your list to read those 40 characters and be compelled enough to click on your subject line to read your email message.

That’s how important your email subject line is to your email success.

Paul: You have a reference in your members account under… under “Autoresponder”. I read what you put back there and I followed your advice. I had never done this before but I bought a program as you suggested called WorldMerge… and I highly recommend that people buy that program if they’re looking into doing email marketing and sending these emails out yourself from your own desktop. That way the email is coming from an e-mail address like your local e-mail address from your local ISP like

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Verizon is not considered a bulk autoresponder. My own home or my own e-mail address is not considered a bulk autoresponder. So if you are personally emailing these people yourself, it’s not going to get blocked as long as what you put in the email does not have any key words in it that may be filtered out by the spam filters.

So using WorldMerge and personalized emails, you can still send out a lot of the emails at one time straight from your own desktop using the program. That’s what I’m currently doing.

Check back tomorrow for Part 11 of this article when Paul talks about setting up WorldMerge to send email to his mlm email lead and autoresponder lead lists.

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