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Enrique: Let’s talk about deliverability when sending emails to your lists. Obviously we fought this issue every day when I owned I know at one time you were pushing a lot of email out through the service. What did you see at that time in terms of deliverability? Describe what you’ve seen in email delivery from the time you started sending email years ago, to most recent times now?

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When setting up the “FROM” name of your email address, select a name that will sound friendly and will at the same time stand out of the crowd… or one that will create curiosity. That way your autoresponder lead prospects will be more likely to click the email to resolve their curiosity in wondering who has written them.

Paul: Well, what I did was put myself in the shoes of Yahoo, AOL. I started thinking the way they think where I would ask myself questions like… what are they looking for?… what’s their thought process?… how are they going through the sorting process of which email should go to the inbox and which email should go into the bulk folder?… and how did they come to this determination?

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There are some key things that they’re looking for like… Is it coming from a bulk autoresponder?

So they’re able to sense whether it was coming from system like your old autoresponder service. They could sense that the immediately. So it really didn’t matter how good the emails written towards the end. In the beginning it was working fine. But towards the end, it didn’t matter how good your emails were written or whether they had pictures in them … It didn’t matter how good the email was, it wasn’t getting through because they were sensing that it was coming from an autoresponder.

Basically anyone trying to use an autoresponder to send emails these days is going to fall flat on their face because ISPs like and can sense that it’s coming from a bulk autoresponder service and that immediately gets it flagged and put into a bulk folder.

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