I often get phone calls and emails regarding traffic. Many ask whether they have to be good ad copy writer to get traffic to their site.

Others ask whether we write the ads for them, or whether they need to send us a swipe file in order to receive traffic at their lead capture page.

Even yesterday I had a person write-in saying:

I thought about writing a Facebook ad, but then I figured I’d have to spend all my money just testing my ad..”

If you had these same questions and concerns, then you’re not alone.

No one has the time to become a master ad copy writer. No one has the money layout around to blindly test ads with unknown traffic sources. Most everyone is too busy with their jobs and family to have time to become master ad copy writers.

Today I posted a short video that covers ad copy writing and your ability to get quality bizop traffic to your lead capture page. Check it out below:

Are you ready for some responsive traffic at your lead capture page?

Yesterday afternoon, I took a round of 35 clicks of traffic to my own sales funnel. That generated 20 leads and 3 sales. That’s a 57% optin rate. It took 11 clicks/sale.

That’s responsive traffic!

I can’t guarantee you’ll do as well as me but I can guarantee I’ll send you the same traffic as I use. It’s called MyAutoPilot Traffic. You can get it here.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,

Enrique Garibay