This mlm leads prospecting article describes getting your new prospect started at the “Manager” position. What do you do when the prospect says they can’t afford it?

Last week I had a client ask for advice on a prospecting scenario that her team was encountering. Her group would like to start their new distributors out at the “Manager” level, however not everyone they talk to can afford it. So, what should they do?

My advice was to go for a Manager sale but make a product sale if the Manager sale was unavailable. Here’s why..

Years ago, I watched my mentor prospect over the phone. He was quite experienced and always went for the close on the initial prospecting call. He knew that the odds of getting the sale would diminish if he had to follow-up at a later time. So he did all he could to close the prospect at the “Manager” position on that initial call.

Often times I would hear him say..

“Let’s do this.. Get started at the Manager’s position. Put the products to the test. You’ll experience for yourself just how good you can feel and how great you can look. Believe me, people will notice. At the same time, put the information from the Starter Pack to your mind. Let the products and the information meet at your heart. Let your heart tell you whether this is something you ought to be doing or not.”

While this may sound kinda cheesy, it worked! He was the top producer of his company.

While he sponsored a lot of people at the Manager position, few of those actually worked the business. However, many stayed on the products for years and years, thereby earning him a nice commission check every month thereafter.

So next time your prospect tells you that they don’t have the money, get them onboard as a happy consumer. If you have a good product that is well priced, you may end up with a customer for life!

Thanks for reading.

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PS. No one likes rejection. Prospect rejection-free.