Is your home business on life support?

You’re trying to grow your business, but it’s not growing fast enough.

You’re generating leads, but not as many as you’d like.

You’re making presentations, but you never seem to close.

You’re putting training materials together, but you never seem to duplicate.

You’re spending countless hours, but you still don’t have the checks to show for it.

If this sounds like you and your business, then maybe it’s time for an intervention.

If you’re tired of getting average business results, then a one-on-one consultation is just what you need to get things fixed.

We’ve been generating leads, prospecting and making sales in a variety of online niche markets for more than 23 years. We’ve created systems that served 10s of 1,000s of users daily. We’ve coached to $10s of $1,000 in weekly commissions. Now we’re making our lead generation, marketing, prospecting and training expertise available to you with our personal one-on-one consulting service. Click here to learn more.

Here are just a few areas where this personal consulting can help you..

* Lead capture page design
* Lead generation ad copy writing
* Sales funnel design
* Video sales presentation design
* Email drip campaign design
* Prospecting call training and coaching
* Mobile apps for prospecting and training

We know exactly what you’re going through..

We’ve done the cold calls on business owners. We’ve written the emails and recorded the voicemails. We’ve done the email broadcasts; the phone broadcasts. We’ve made the prospecting calls. We’ve worked the fresh leads, the exclusive leads and the cheap leads. We’ve built and tested lead capture pages. We’ve written and tested the headlines; the calls-to-action. We’ve created videos for lead capture pages and presentation pages. We’ve done the split testing. We’ve prospected nationally and locally. We’ve created materials that trained 1,000s without the need for email or telephone support. So we know what it takes to prospect, recruit and train an entire sales force.

Today, we’re making this knowledge and expertise available to you.

If you’re ready to take your business from average to extra-ordinary, then take action now!

Thanks for reading.

To your success,