How would you like to learn how to sell like a girl scout?

I’m not advocating going door to door, but there are some selling traits that successful girl scouts have that you can emulate in your own business.

Let me explain.

I read an article today about a girl scout named Elizabeth Brinton. From 1978 to 1990, Brinton sold 100,000 boxes of Girl scout cookies – — a feat that, to this day, has never been replicated.

During her peak season, Brinton doled out baked goods to clients like Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush, and Sandra Day O’Connor. She graced the pages of The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post, and was such a cultural staple that the TV program Jeopardy made her into a question.

Brinton’s success began to garner attention. By the late 1980s, she was being booked to give speeches to grown men at sales conferences.

In one speech, she revealed her keys to success to a skeptical crowd:

“For many years, I have sold a lot of Girl Scout cookies. I believe that my success can be attributed to the five basic traits of the professional seller:

“Number one: set high goals.

“Number two: sell yourself and your products.

“Number three: know your product well and believe that your product is best.

“Number four: know your territory and customers.

“Number five: accept the fact that some people will still say no.”

By the end of the speech, she’d won over the room of salesmen. One was quoted as saying: “At first, my sales people were wondering what a poster-girl type Girl Scout could tell me about my job.. Eight minutes later they changed their mind.”

If you’d like to read the full story about Elizabeth Brinton, go here.

As an interesting side note, in 1985, Brinton inadvertently revolutionized the way cookies were sold.

“I remember seeing all this traffic flowing into the metro stations in the mornings and thinking, gee — why sell door-to-door when I can sell to thousands down there?”

This is a really important observation. Brinton realized that her business volume was directly proportional to the number of people she could prospect. The more traffic she could access, the more sales she could make.

Now, isn’t that true for your business as well?

The more traffic you can drive to your lead capture page, the more leads you’ll generate. The more leads you generate, the more people that see your business presentation. And the more that see your business presentation, the more that will eventually join your business.

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Thanks for reading.

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