This describes mlm leads and mlm lead generation using bizop click traffic and lead capture pages. Learn what it takes to achieve a 67% optin rate.

We received a nice email from Vince Caldwell yesterday as shown at right. Vince is a 22 year networking pro that has mastered online lead generation. He’s using MyAutoPilot Traffic to generate leads and sales for his business.

Vince reports a whopping 67% optin rate at his lead capture page.

So why is Vince able to convert the click traffic into leads and sales as well as he does?

Answer: It all starts with the headlines.

Vince has spent considerable time and effort testing various lead capture page headlines – one against the other – to find which headline converts the best. His headlines relate to his prospects so that prospects want to optin and learn more.

If you really want to kill it with your online marketing, I strongly recommend you test various headlines and subheadlines. Strong headlines will improve your lead capture page optin rate. The greater the optin rate, the more leads you’ll generate. The more leads you generate, the more people will join your business.

Whether you’re prospecting for a high ticket program, or an $18 product, it all starts with the headline.

Think of it this way..

If your lead capture page has a low optin rate, you’re missing out on people that might otherwise join your business. It’s that simple.

Vince made an interesting comment last evening that summed it up:

“If your lead capture page is converting at 40% or lower using MyAutoPilot Traffic, then your page needs some work. You’re leaving money on the table.”

So what should you do today to improve your results?

You should begin testing new headlines.

If your lead capture page doesn’t allow you to edit your headlines, try using a different page with a different headline in that capture page system. Compare results of the new page to the previous page. Then use the better performing page.

What should you do if you’re not a good ad copy writer?

You should use our headlines. We have The Ultimate Headline Swipe File with over 800 proven headlines that pull in leads and sales. Order yours here. Copy/paste any headline or modify it to your liking.

Once you have a new headline, send some click traffic to the page and see how well it converts the traffic to leads. Test one headline against the other. Which headline produces more leads? Use that headline and test it against a new headline. Repeat the test.

Keep in mind that you’re an online marketer. You must have compelling marketing material to attract prospects into your online sales funnel. So don’t just throw stuff up and expect it to work without some testing and refinement.

The better the optin rate, the bigger the checks at the end of the day.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,