This mlm leads article describes mlm lead capture pages for mlm lead generation and how to achieve a 68% lead capture page optin rate.

Recently we started offering the MyAutoPilot Traffic service at (This is a service where we direct business opportunity-specific web traffic to mlm lead capture pages.)  Since offering the mlm lead service, I’ve had a chance to really see what sorts of mlm lead capture pages exist out on the Internet.  And I’ve had a chance to gain new insight regarding how well these mlm lead capture pages convert web traffic into mlm leads.

I’m finding that some of the best converting mlm lead capture pages are those with strong headlines and sub-headlines.  The best pages are those that give the mlm prospect enough information to let them know whether they want more information. If they do, they’re prompted to fill out he mlm lead capture page webform.

I have one client that is currently killing it with her lead capture page. She’s getting a 68% optin rate on her lead capture page.  That’s really high compared to a lot of pages I see.  This particular client is marketing a business opportunity that offers cell phone service, and electricity to name just a couple of their services.  So her lead capture page headline and sub-headline became:

Headline: Ask Me How
Sub-Headline: “Make Money Everytime You Talk On the Phone, Send a Text or Turn On the Lights”

That’s all the text that was used on the mlm lead capture page.  There were no videos on the page.  No other text.  Just a 3 field webform that collected name, phone and email.

Nearly 7 out of every 10 business opportunity prospects that visited that page completed the webform to learn more.

Remember that earlier we listed 70 of the top mlm lead capture page headlines. In that article we mentioned that the goal of your lead capture page is NOT to make a business presentation. Instead, the goal of your page is to get the prospect to contact you. So as you create your mlm lead capture page for mlm lead generation, I encourage you to keep it simple.  Create a headline and sub-headline that gives your prospects enough information about your business so that they want to learn more.

Once you have an mlm lead capture page, it is time to generate mlm leads for your network marketing business opportunity.  Use MyAutoPilot Traffic to drive high-quality, targeted mlm business opportunity web traffic to your lead capture page. That way you generate exclusive MLM Leads for your mlm business opportunity.

This mlm leads article described mlm lead capture pages for mlm lead generation and how to achieve a 68% lead capture page optin rate.

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