This mlm lead generation article describes the top 70 headlines for use in generating mlm leads with mlm lead capture pages.

Most of the headlines listed in this article were swiped from my good friend Tom “Big Al” Schreiter of (If you are in need of good mlm training, please consider reading his newsletter. It’s excellent content.)

The top 70 mlm lead capture page headlines are as follows:

* “Last year there were 672,793 liposuctions. Don’t be next.”

* “How to get collect an extra $400 a month while having fun.”

* “Get a $500 raise without asking your

* “Weight-Loss Personal Trainer in a Box.”

* “52-year-old grandmother starts a new career and doubles her salary.”

* “I knew he was a maniac, but he was right about one thing!”

* “3 more reasons not to work for your overpaid idiot boss.”

* “How to develop a $300-per-weekend strategy.”

* “The 10 biggest career mistakes you can make on your job.”

* “Why this stay-at-home mom still earns a full-time paycheck.”

* “Become more popular – by becoming rich.”

“How I made a fortune because of a one-hour meeting.”

* “Never be embarrassed by your checking account balance again.”

* “Attention: If you’re afraid to leave your job, but want to earn more, then read this.”

* “I missed getting these monthly checks for almost four years!”

* “If you are getting your tan from the refrigerator light, you’ll want to try our delicious diet shakes.”

* “Are you happy with your present working hours?”

* “How to get a $100 tax refund – every month.”

* “How to have the smartest grandchildren on the block.”

* “Is your boss an unpleasant drill sergeant?”

* “The get-rich plan for people over 40.”

* “How a 29-year-old housewife stays at home and still receives a full-time paycheck.”

* “Let this one-hour free tele-class teach you the secrets of being your own boss.”

* “Five-day weekends are better than two.”

* “Choose your own working hours!”

* “Two paychecks are better than one.”

* “Use this magic-in-a-jar to make your skin younger – instantly!”

* “Profits that lie hidden in your address book.”

* “How to get an extra paycheck every month – legally!”

* “In one hour I learned a plan to wipe out my credit card debt.”

* “$10,000 to 10 people to lose 10 pounds this week.”

* “How to get an extra paycheck each week without asking your boss!”

* “The three words that your boss fears.”

* “Which of these five money problems do you want to solve?”

* “Employees of local company mysteriously retire.”

* “Secret vitamin burns body fat while you watch television.”

* “Get one extra paycheck every month.”

* “75-year-old grandmother starts a new career helping mothers work from home.”

* “When is your next pay raise? How about tomorrow?”

* “Stop allowing your job to steal your life.”

* “How 13 seconds before breakfast can shrink your waistline.”

* “Live like a millionaire in just 12 short months.”

* “How to avoid alarm clock stress and other work-related diseases.”

* “Is it time to finally change careers?”

* “How vampire bosses drain your life.”

* “A quick and easy way to qualify for the tax deductions the big companies get.”

* “The one quick way to make your skin younger while you sleep.”

* “In the next 3 minutes, learn how to quit your job and still make more money.”

* “In the next 3 minutes, discover how I got a full-time income by working two nights a week.”

* “In the next 3 minutes, discover how I got a new car and will never have to make car payments again.”

* “If you have a few minutes, I’d like to tell you how I became a millionaire.”

* “Our goal is to get you into networking so you can get into not-working.”

* “12 fun ways to increase your metabolic rate so that pounds melt away.”

* “Don’t make this $10,000 mistake tomorrow morning.”

* “How to make your boss cry in three easy steps.”

* “Are coffee breaks the only free time in your life?”

* “Stop warehousing your children in daycare.”

* “This breakfast burns calories all day long.”

* “Is your boss being overpaid with bits of your salary?”

* “13 ways to quit your job.”

* “Your children deserve you at home.”

* “Travel the world, and still get paid! Learn how.”

* “You are smart. Stop overpaying for your utilities.”

* “Make your boss hire your replacement.”

* “Make your skin look so young that you won’t be able to order alcohol anymore!”

* “Boss or employee. Your choice.”

* “Keep wrinkles away an extra 20 years.”

* “If the boss is so dumb, then why does he earn more money?”

* “You have residual bills. Learn how to get residual paychecks.”

* “Does your job pay for your car and vacations?”


This mlm lead generation article described the top 70 headlines for use in generating mlm leads with mlm lead capture pages.  Get our mlm lead capture page together, then send live mlm bizop web traffic using

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