In this newsletter, I want to cover the 5 most common mistakes that people make when driving MLM click traffic to their lead capture pages.

Once you know these mistakes, you can avoid doing the same.

#1. Using Unbelievable Ad Copy. We see a number of lead capture pages that are full of hype. They are often unbelievable. These sorts of pages often promise to deliver a 5-figure income in 30 days or less with little or no work at all.

Most people are looking to make a few extra hundred dollars a month to start out. So make your ad copy appealing to the masses by lowering the dollar amount in the ad copy.

#2. Saying Too Much. Some lead capture pages tell the prospect everything there is to know. So there’s nothing left to learn. Hence, there’s no reason to opt into the lead capture page.

Too often people try to say and do too much on their lead capture page. Instead, they should simply display a strong headline and subheadline that teases the prospect to want to learn more.

People want instant information. So get to the point of your lead capture page with the least amount of information.

#3. Using Non-Lead Capture Pages. Too often people send traffic to their company replicated site. Or they send traffic to a “Join Now” page, or even a presentation page. These sorts of pages are where prospects should be directed AFTER the optin.

You must direct your traffic to a true lead capture page if your intention is to generate leads.

#4. Talking About Your Company, Product or Service. Keep in mind that the traffic was generated when prospects clicked on our banner ad so that they could learn how to make extra income from home. They didn’t click on our ad to learn about your company, product or service. So keep your lead capture page ad copy relevant to their interests.

#5. Using Video Backgrounds. Instead of using a background image at the lead capture page, a number of people use videos instead. While these HD videos may look good, they’re really distracting. They often pull the prospect’s attention away from the page headline and webform.

Videos also add to page load time for those prospects that have slower internet speeds. Longer load times means that fewer people will opt into your lead capture page.

These are the most common mistakes that we see people make when driving bizop click traffic to their lead capture page.

Your lead capture page should always focus on what’s important to your prospect – making extra income from home. If your page copy speaks that language, your lead capture optin rate should improve.

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Thanks for reading.

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