See the picture at right?

That’s not a picture of sleep deprivation. It’s a picture of.. lead deprivation!

That was me, and I remember it well.

I remember what it was like going full time from home. That first morning I looked into the mirror and realized that I had no one to prospect. I have to be honest with you, I was scared. I had a wife and son to support, along with car and house payments.

So what did I do?

I left the house each morning with the goal of prospecting 100 people a day. I wouldn’t return home until I had prospected those 100 people.

I walking around shopping malls, cold called on businesses, walked thru grocery stores. Wherever there were people, I prospected.

I don’t know if you’ve ever done this before but it’s very stressful. It will take you wwaaayyy out of your comfort zone. But what else could I do? I was in lead deprivation!

Lead deprivation makes you desperate.

It makes you “unattractive” in a business recruiting sense.

I remember prospecting a health club manager. He agreed to review my marketing materials. I was to follow-up in a couple of days.

A couple days went by and I called him. There was no answer so I left him a voicemail message. I called again later and did the same. Days went by and still no answer.

About a week later, the health club manager returned my call. He apologized for not getting back with me. There had been a death in his family. He went onto say that he had just reviewed all 28 voicemail messages I had left him.

28 voicemail messages?!!! Had I really left that many voicemail messages?

Apparently I had. I was embarrassed. And apparently desperate.

You see, lead deprivation makes you desperate. It makes you do dumb things. And you alienate people that might have otherwise been interested in your business.

Don’t put yourself in lead deprivation. Instead, put yourself in lead abundance. Have a continuous flow of premium web traffic directed to your lead capture page. That way you have a constant flow of hot inbound leads and people to talk to about your business.

When you have more leads than you have time to handle, you’re much more attractive in a business sense. Prospects know that you’re not desperate and want to jump on board.

Get your premium web traffic and start generating more leads for your business today.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,