Did you get my mlm leads postcard in the mail?

I sent it out in the US Postal mail a week or two ago. I’m wondering, because I haven’t heard back from you.

In case you missed the mlm leads postcard, it looked like the picture at right.

To me, the postcard represents that which most distributors are trying to achieve and that is the ability to..

..make m’oney even when you’re having fun relaxing at the beach!

You know.. over the years, there have been a variety of web tools and marketing systems that have been used to help distributors automate their business prospecting and sponsoring. They include:

* Bulk email and email autoresponders. Unfortunately today, most autoresponder services don’t allow bulk mlm leads imported into their systems. While autoresponder are great for prospecting follow-up, they produce few results when used as the initial contact in prospecting.

* Voice broadcasting. This prospecting method was popular back in the late ’90s, then it made another run 5 or 6 years ago. Voice broadcasting was made illegal by the Federal Trade Commission here in the USA. So you could say that this prospecting method is now obsolete.

* Postcard mailing. While postcards were very popular back in the ’80s and ’90s, their popularity waned as distributors switched to email marketing in the early 2000s because email sends were so inexpensive. But now that people are getting so much email, postcards are making a comeback because there’s so little competition in the mailbox.

* Attraction marketing. Back in the years 2006 to say 2011, attraction marketing was the big buzz. Savvy marketers would create an information product, then let distributors market the product to other networkers in hopes of making a couple bucks. Those buyers would then become prospects for their business. Many distributors have reported that this period in time actually set them back in business. Why? Because they spent so much time focusing on selling someone else’s info product to generate a lead, that they stopped doing the things that were making them money, which was promoting their company’s products/services.

* Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising. There was a really good marketing run on Google Pay Per Click advertising a few years back. Distributors would buy bid-based ads on Google search results page. When a prospect clicked on an mlm ad, they were directed to the distributor’s website or lead capture page. Unfortunately there were so many scam ads being placed that people started to complaining to Google. So Google began rejecting bizop ads thereafter. So this advertising venue went by the wayside as well.

A couple of things that worked “then” and still work now include..

* Calling MLM Lead Prospects. Some people seem to be afraid of using the phone to connect with their prospects. I think the main reason for the fear is that they haven’t been properly trained to know what to do and say when prospecting over the phone. Well that’s not a problem here since we offer our customers with 30 day access to our prospecting training. That training has made a lot of money for a lot of people. It teaches how to interview prospects. That way you’re not selling or telling; instead, you’re interviewing.

* We Call Your MLM Leads For You. Some people don’t mind working the phone but they simply don’t have the time to dial big lists themselves. That’s why we offer the Call Center Dial Service that screens your leads for you. That way you’re only spending time with the prospects that want to learn more about your business.

* Bizop Web Traffic. Now that Google has decided they don’t want to send traffic to your lead capture page, we’ve decided to provide that service for you. We drive bizop seekers directly to your lead capture page. If you don’t have a lead capture page, see my friend at MyCapturePage.com and setup a page. I use the traffic myself and drive it to ClickBank products. Prospects buy the products offered and ClickBank sends me a check. So yes, the traffic works!

So back to my postcard..

On the back of that postcard, you’ll see the offer shown at right that sends you 25% more MyAutoPilot Web Traffic when you use the following Passcode during order checkout:


That passcode is available to you for a limited time. The passcode is for a one-time purchase of MyAutoPilot Web Traffic.

So whether you’re at the park or beach, have fun this summer knowing that your prospecting and sponsoring are on AutoPilot when you use MyAutoPilot Traffic.

And oh by the way..

Want to know what the next big thing will be in automating your prospecting and sponsoring?

It’s an mlm mobile app. And it’s coming your way. Stay tuned to an upcoming issue of this newsletter to learn more!

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

To your success,

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