Did you know that colors play an important part in your marketing? Colors can make or break your prospecting and marketing. Choose colors wisely as subconsciously they convey certain emotions, state of mind or ideas to your prospects. Even before prospects read your marketing materials, they are making judgments based solely on the colors they see.

So what do the colors represent?

Let me give you a quick run down as follows:


Red is the most eye catching and exciting color in the color spectrum. Some say it can actually increase your heart rate. Red is perfect for a call-to-action or when you need to draw the eye’s attention.

Don’t overuse red in your marketing. Use it more as an accent. Overuse can cause a negative emotional response.


This is the easiest color for the human eye to process. It conveys “growth”, “nature” and of course, “money”. If you want to communicate the idea of growth, then this is the color to choose.


Blue is the color of trust and loyalty. It provides viewers with the sense of security. It’s also the favorite color of most people. You’ll be safe using blue in your marketing materials.


If you want to convey happiness and optimism, then yellow is the color you want to use. Use is sparingly though because it can be overp-owering.


Like the color red, orange is also an attention getter. It conveys fun, ambition and youthfulness. Use it for accents and calls to action.


Gray is a timeless color that works well in place of white. It conveys strength and logevity. It can be used to convey a modern, timeless look to your marketing materials.


The color brown conveys an earthy, organic feel to your marketing. Many find the color soothing.


Traditionally, this color has been associated with royalty and prosperity. Don’t overuse this color as it can convey falsehood or being fake.


The color white works well in most all marketing designs. It conveys lightness, purity and cleanliness.

And finally..


The color black conveys strength, elegance, power and authority.

So there you have it. If you want to get the most out of your marketing materials, choose the right color that conveys the right message to your prospects.

Thanks for reading.

To your success,

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