Just a quick note to suggest that you check your MLM Lead Capture Page URL that you’re using with your web advertising. Your vanity domain may be costing you money!

MyAutoPilot Traffic

In my last newsletter, I discussed whether you should use a vanity domain to mask your mlm lead capture page URL. Or whether you should use domain forwarding instead. Recall that I suggested domain forwarding over domain masking. I also suggested that you not use a vanity domain with your MyAutoPilot Traffic order. Instead, give us the native URL of your lead capture page. Give us the URL that you would normally mask with your vanity domain.

Why am I so adamant about this?

Because I want to you to get the most out of your advertising dollar. I want to see you succeed with your business from home.

Yesterday I checked a number of URLs that were in our MyAutoPilot Traffic rotator. I found that a number of the vanity domains were timing out before they loaded the actual lead capture page. So instead of showing the intended lead capture page, they showed a blank page instead.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Take a few minutes and test your vanity domain. Clear your browser cache and load your vanity domain in the web browser. (If you don’t know how to clear your browser cache, do a Google search to learn how. It’s very simple.) If you find that your vanity domain is not performing as you expect, update your domain setting to forwarding instead of masking. Clear your cache again and re-test. Or update your marketing to link to use your lead capture page URL, instead of your vanity domain.

October is a big month for marketing. Don’t miss out!

Thanks for reading.

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