This article discusses whether you’re using the correct mlm lead capture page with your bizop web traffic – MyAutoPilot Traffic.

Let’s quickly discuss the topic:

Does your offer match the traffic?

I’m covering this because I don’t want to waste your money promoting a lead capture page that won’t convert.

So let’s dive in..

If you’re driving MyAutoPilot Web Traffic in hopes of generating leads at your lead capture page, it’s best to understand the needs of prospects being directed to your lead capture page.

Prospects want to know.. how to create income from home.

Prospects are expecting that promise of information when they land at your capture page. So give them a strong headline and subheadline that will entice them enough to give you their information in exchange for learning more.

I realize this is pretty simple, but you would be surprised how many marketers are missing the mark with their lead capture pages.

Too often we see lead capture pages that talk about..

..losing weight, feeling better, sleeping better, investing better, sending text messages, creating leads, buying auto insurance..

That’s not why prospects are at your lead capture page. Prospects don’t care about that – at least not right now.

All they care about at your lead capture page is how to create income from home.

That’s it.

So use a lead capture page headline and subheadline that promises to tell them how. When you do this, you’ll generate leads.

When you’re ready for responsive web traffic, choose MyAutoPilot Traffic.

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