This  mlm leads article describes 7 habits of the world’s most wealthy people.

In his book “Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals”, author Tom Corley suggests that there are 7 habits of the world’s most wealthy people. In that book, he studies 233 rich people, along with 128 people living in poverty. In that study, Corley found distinct differences in the way the 2 groups thought and acted.

Here are the 7 Habits of the Wealthy:

1) Persistence.

When faced with a challenge, wealthy people keep pushing through knowing that success could be right around the corner at any time. They do this in all areas of their life.

+ 67% were aware of how they spend their time. Many limit their TV hours to 1 HR or less.

+ 81% made a real effort to control their thoughts, feelings and words.

+ 80% had pursued a single goal for a year or more.

+ 88% read at least 30 MIN a day to increase their personal knowledge.

2) Set Attainable Goals.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, everyone sets goals for themselves. It may be to bring in more money or to take a nicer vacation.

The challenge with most goals is that they’re not specific enough. Nor are they often realistic. For example, if you’re working minimum wage, how would you be able to afford an exotic vacation?

Wealthy people tend to set specific goals that are realistic and can be achieved. They also set plans of action that could be carried out to attain those goals.

In his book, Corley writes:

“If you want your wish or dream to come true, you need to create goals around them, pursue those goals and achieve those goals. You need to break your wish or dream down into manageable tasks that you are able to perform. The accumulation, over time, of the completed goals will move you forward toward realizing your dream. You will still need outside help and outside influences, but luck has a way of finding the prepared and the persistent.”

In other words, break up your big goal into smaller goals. Then put plans together to obtain those smaller goals. As you reach those smaller goals, check them off your list. Each will move you closer to your larger goal.

3) Find a Career Mentor.

93% of all wealthy people had a success mentor. Here are just a few reasons why:

+ They help you avoid the mistakes that they’ve already made themselves.

+ They inspire and motivate you to keep on track and on task.

+ They connect you with people that can help you along the way.

4) Stay Positive.

Most wealthy people were found to be positive, upbeat and grateful for what they had.

They also..

+ Avoided gossip

+ Believed in limitless possibilities and opportunities

+ Enjoyed their chosen career

+ Were happily married

+ Were happy with their health

In contrast, Corley found consistent negative attitudes and beliefs among the poor:

+ 85 percent were unhappy in their jobs or careers

+ 53 percent were unhappy in their marriage

+ 78 percent believed optimism wasn’t necessary in order to be successful

+ 77 percent believed lying was necessary to achieve success

5) They Educate Themselves.

88% of the wealthy spend at least 30 minutes/day reading in order to expand their knowledge. They tend to spend their time reading non-fiction books like biographies, self-help books or books related to their career.

Wealthy people were able to translate that information and apply it towards actionable items that would help them reach their goals and improve their lives.

6) Track Progress.

Wealthy people are obsessed with tracking and measuring in all areas of their lives.

+ 67 percent kept up-to-date to-do lists

+ 94 percent balanced their bank account each month

+ 57 percent counted the calories they consumed

+ 62 percent set goals and tracked whether or not they were on track to achieving them

Setting and achieving goals are easier when you have constant feedback on your progress towards those goals.

7) Surrounded with Like-Minded People

On this topic, Corley writes:

“Wealthy, successful people are very particular about who they associate with. Their goal is to develop relationships with other success-minded individuals. When they stumble onto someone who fits the bill, they then devote an enormous amount of their time and energy into building a strong relationship. They grow the relationship from a sapling into a redwood. Relationships are the currency of the wealthy and successful.”

In summary, the wealthy people of the world think and act a certain way. Look at these 7 habits and see how you can start incorporating them or expanding upon them in your business.